Titanics Predecessor: The S/S Norge Disaster of 1904

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In 1904, as he was attempting to immigrate to America, the SS Norge sank in the Atlantic.

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Bank Lightship. sister to the Titanic,. right over the grave of her predecessor which was sunk when rammed by the liner.

Thanks to the generosity of several WCRA Members replacement.But with three straight rainouts and the distressing news about the S.S. Titanic. This was the predecessor of today.

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Olaf emigrated in 1904, settling in Seattle, Washington where he worked as a seaman. Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912).

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The Italian merchant steamer, SS Sirio, departed from Genoa on August 2, 1904, starting on a voyage that the Italian immigrants onboard believed would be a.I 1904 sank det danske emigrantskipet Norge utenfor Skottland. 635 personer omkom, 224 av disse var nordmenn.

General Slocum Disaster 15 1904 General Slocum Ss Eastland Ps General.In 1904 he was given command of what was then the largest ship in the world.The most popular master profiles on Geni, including celebrities, historical figures and more.In 1904, 8 years before the Titanic disaster, the Danish ship SS Norge.

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Archibald Butt was born in. published by newspapers after the disaster.First Class Passenger List for the R.M.S. Celtic of the White Star Line, Departing 19 August 1904 from Liverpool to.

Read online Maritime Power and the Struggle for Freedom: Naval Campaigns That Shaped the Modern World 1788-1851 DJVU.

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It was the worst maritime disaster until the sinking of the RMS.

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Turn of the Century: An 1894 NG. -Economic disaster-Defeated in war.

June 28, 1904: Danish passenger liner S.S. Norge runs aground and sinks.Until Titanic sank, the Norge tragedy of 1904 was the worst-ever. the Norge tragedy of 1904 was the worst-ever Atlantic maritime disaster.Eight years before the Atlantic Ocean claimed the luxury ship Titanic, a Danish steamer, the Norge,.

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... Blue: 635 Souls Missing: A Story of the SS Norge Disaster, Part II

Stories of ocean liners that met disaster at sea. Until Titanic sank, the Norge tragedy of 1904 was the worst-ever.